Saturday, April 16, 2011

Belanga Cafe..

Salam buat semua...

Again, post dated activity..hahah..mcm biasa, Mama only have a little time when my soldiers down! A little time where Mama has to cook n blogging..sounds cool and rushing rite?

On 1st April, Proton had its stock usual, Mama was assigned to one vendor as the stock count verifier...sounds like easy peasy job..but...please boss, next year..dont send Mama to that vendor again!!

So, during Friday Prayer break, Mama and Mama's dear girlfriend - Ibu, went to fill our hungry tummies at Belanga Cafe @ Empire...that was not Mama's first time there..Mama has been to their 3 outlets so far..the same taste and quality will melts into your mouth...Drools? Ahahahaha...well,this is Mama's first food review...let's see it..

Both of us quenched our thrist with Green Apple Kasturi..its Mama's fav anyway...R E F R E S H I N G!! Mama really love their ginger slices n the mint..serius menyegarkan :D not to forget, the Ice Teller..hahha..nampak sangat kehausannya dan ketamakkannya kan...kekekek...

As our main dish..we chose Nasi Kerabu..Mama with grilled beef tenderloin - sangat lembut ok..perghhh, Ibu with ayam percik....two thumbs up!! ihihi..We enjoyed our food and yet ordered the famous Kelantan's dessert...Lompat Tikam..wallaaaaaaaaa....sweet2 lemak..i like...calories?? no worries..we then shoot to Klang for our last task as  verifier..ahhahahaha...[ ALASAN!]

Kenyang sudah..Alhamdulillah...but...on our way to car park..despite of perut yg teramat penuh...we still manged to afford the macarons!! ahahaha...2 pieces per person..bought from Opera...ahahahaha...kadang2, bila bab makan..kami rasa kami serupa...teramat kuat makan!! well, we are nursing mothers...breastfeeding is our main reason why we eat a lot!! [another ALASAN!]

So, for Belanga Cafe...we gave our dua puluh jari tangan for the foods...and for the macarons @ guys..go and buy yourself a good foods at Belanga Cafe...x rugi maaaaa [makan pun theraphy tau..ahaah]

Makan Mama Makan
Shah Alam
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