Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bila Baba cuti belajar - Part 4

Salam buat semua....

Mama's last entry for our do-whatever-you-like-weekends...these what happened to us in 2 differnt weekends....the makan-makan...ihihihihi

Aroma Ikan Bakar, Pantai Jeram

Baba planned to have our dinner eating seafood as much as we can..and based on Mama's collegue review..we decided to go to Pantai Jeram. The restaurant named Aroma Ikan Bakar...

We reached there at about 6pm and Alhamdulillah we managed to get one table...then, Mama and Baba went to choose the fresh seafoods...fuyyooooo...the fish, the sotong are so besar2 giler and damn fresh!!
We ordered Sotong Goreng Tepung, Gerut2 3 Rasa, Butter Prawns, Pari Bakar, Ketam Bercili, Kailan Ikan Masin and Kangkung Belacan...

The review? For Mama..the foods were so-so...out of 5 stars, they managed to get 2.5 stars from Mama..fresh seafood but their cooking style just in acceptable line..sorry Aroma's fan...but this is Mama's review according to Mama's tekak laaa..ihihih..not to forget the cawan n the jug berminyak..they failed to put some effort in cleanliness...

Here are some pics..sorry laa..sebab skit je gambar..hahahah..we were starving at that time [nearly 1 hour tunggu food sampai maaaaa]...sampai je foods terus ngapppppp...hahahahahaha..oh yaaa..we paid for RM150...mmg teramat murah..but Mama x enjoy..uhuhuhuhuhu

Senandung Malam Seafood, Bagan Lalang

Guess what? Yeah...frankly speaking...Mama was dissapointed with the seafood at Aroma...and yet keep on gugeling mana lagi nak makan seafood yg sedap, bersih dan fresh...

Together with Ibu, Mama teruskan menggugel...ihihihi..and we found this Bagan Lalang..dekat skit ngan Shah Alam. Senandung Malam Seafood...nama mcm best n sedap je...ihihih..and the reviews were tempting....slurrpppppppp

We headed to Bagan Lalang [Mama+Ibu family] as early as 3,30pm..takut x dapat seat punya pasal..the journey should took us half an hour je..but due to Formula 1..jalan kat Sepang tu, we reached Bagan Lalang after 45 minutes...

Hahaa..the seafoods men tengah susun, we decided to perform our Asr parayer first..then jalan2 kat tepi laut sat...

Nampak je kedai tu bukak...we rushed to the choosing counter...Mama & Ibu in charged..we chose pepahat, lala, ketam, sotong, udang kertas, siakap yg sangat besar and pari- 4 keping...and our food reached us after 30 minutes...Ikan dibakar pedas dan dibakar atas arang..phewwitttt..mmg sedapppppp!!!
Untuk semua food...Mama bagi sepuluh jari...mmg sedap....sotong n udang goreng tepung yg sangat rangup...aduhaii..pasni kalau pegi lagi..Mama confirm..10 ekor sotong for Mama! ahahahah

The best part is..Baba belanja us..[at first we plan to share based on per pax] coz..the total bill just stated RM120!!! Super duper CHEAP!!!

Nak pergi lagii...Mama wanna go there again..please...please....hahahahahaha..sorry ye..x de gambar foods...terlalu lapar at that time..terus simpan mizz nikonita masuk keta...ihihihihii

iGLoo MaMa
Shah Alam

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Belanga Cafe..

Salam buat semua...

Again, post dated activity..hahah..mcm biasa, Mama only have a little time when my soldiers down! A little time where Mama has to cook n blogging..sounds cool and rushing rite?

On 1st April, Proton had its stock usual, Mama was assigned to one vendor as the stock count verifier...sounds like easy peasy job..but...please boss, next year..dont send Mama to that vendor again!!

So, during Friday Prayer break, Mama and Mama's dear girlfriend - Ibu, went to fill our hungry tummies at Belanga Cafe @ Empire...that was not Mama's first time there..Mama has been to their 3 outlets so far..the same taste and quality will melts into your mouth...Drools? Ahahahaha...well,this is Mama's first food review...let's see it..

Both of us quenched our thrist with Green Apple Kasturi..its Mama's fav anyway...R E F R E S H I N G!! Mama really love their ginger slices n the mint..serius menyegarkan :D not to forget, the Ice Teller..hahha..nampak sangat kehausannya dan ketamakkannya kan...kekekek...

As our main dish..we chose Nasi Kerabu..Mama with grilled beef tenderloin - sangat lembut ok..perghhh, Ibu with ayam percik....two thumbs up!! ihihi..We enjoyed our food and yet ordered the famous Kelantan's dessert...Lompat Tikam..wallaaaaaaaaa....sweet2 lemak..i like...calories?? no worries..we then shoot to Klang for our last task as  verifier..ahhahahaha...[ ALASAN!]

Kenyang sudah..Alhamdulillah...but...on our way to car park..despite of perut yg teramat penuh...we still manged to afford the macarons!! ahahaha...2 pieces per person..bought from Opera...ahahahaha...kadang2, bila bab makan..kami rasa kami serupa...teramat kuat makan!! well, we are nursing mothers...breastfeeding is our main reason why we eat a lot!! [another ALASAN!]

So, for Belanga Cafe...we gave our dua puluh jari tangan for the foods...and for the macarons @ guys..go and buy yourself a good foods at Belanga Cafe...x rugi maaaaa [makan pun theraphy tau..ahaah]

Makan Mama Makan
Shah Alam
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Bila Baba cuti belajar - Part 3

Salam buat semua...


Shah Alam Lake Cruise+Outdoor Photoshoot

A week after that, Cik Lie visited us..likewise, brought along his D90..apalagi..after having our breakfast @ Pelita, we went to tasik shah alam and posing2...Baba with D3000 & Cik Lie with his toys..share2 lens laa..the good thing when we have the same brand in one roof haa...

The photoshoot went well at first..started took away kids attention to cameras when the boat cruising nearby us...arrghhh..Mama baru nak pose gedik2 kat pokok2..ahahahah..
But as usual, Mama jugak yg gedik2 ajak Baba naik boat..RM5 per adult and no charges for kids below 5..luckily they didn't charged Balqees..(She's still 5 tho..ahahaha)..

Baba spent for RM50 for the cruise and the refreshments..ok laa...the most important thing enjoyed it! would Mama knows? They excitedly told Sitti how they get into the boat, how the boat cruising along the lake..till Mama has to tell them to stop talking and sleep..ahahahah

Jom...let see how Baba first photoshooting..ihihih...we need new lenses right? ihihihihih...Photos from Cik Lie's album lagi mengancam..Mama just edited the photos taken using photoscape...ihihihihi

Shah Alam

Bila Baba cuti belajar - Part 2

Salam buat semua.....

Hot Air Balloon Festival - Putrajaya

Our journey started as early as 6am...kus semangat...giler excited! As Mama read to fren's wall at fb, better go early or stucked in jam and missed the balloons take off...Mama and Baba decided to perform our Fajr prayer at Sultan Mizan's Mosque or known as Masjid Besi at Putrajaya...Masya Allah! The mosques is so beautiful and serene...Mama loved the kolam besides masjid...sejukkkkkk sangat..

We managed to get our gajah putih parked nearby the take off spot and strolling along the way..really kecoh at first place coz hardly to manage the three-amused kids when they saw the hot air balloon live in front of them plus with lil Anees whom always wanted the stroller to move..And guess what...people getting more and merrier...ahaha..everyone with the dslr...Mama? Ofcoz we will not leave our mizz nikonita alone at home..petik sana..petik sini...and keep on strolling till the last balloon take off...then Baba decided to have a breakfast..our darling princess Balqees wanna have a roti canai..and Mama decided to fill our empty tummy at Pelita..ahahah...mcm x de tempat lain kan...ihihhihihi

Baba spent about RM20 at the fest..for what else..the helium balloon..Balqees and her stawberry short cake, Haarith with his Ben-10 and Aiman with The Spiderman...ihhihihi...


Shah Alam

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bila Baba cuti belajar - Part 1

Salam buat semua...

Long time..yeah really a long time since Mama's last post. Its been a busy day for Mama lately and tiring too!
As usual, post dated activities..happened all the way in Baba's first sem break...
We, (most of the time, Mama) really punished Baba to do this and that...for kids laa...and our tra la la weekends went like these...

A Famosa Resort, Melaka

We went there as soon as Baba finished his last paper..Mama can heard Baba's scream in the car when Baba told Mama that he ended his paper succesfully..Alhamdulillah..then Mama knew that we will enjoy our holidays without dengar cerita2 yg x puas hati aswering papers..ihihhihihihi
Sitti, Neni, Aki and Uchu accompanied our hols..yes! We love it..the house, tho there was no master bedroom as per advertised..Mama & Baba have to share the toilet with Bibik..ohhohhoho..but we did love the pool..private wooooo..u can terjun at any time u want it...
Animal Safari & Cowboy enjoyed having a good shows at Animal Safari and the place you shouldn't miss is the Cowboy Town....Mama really2 have fun with Animal Parade where suddenly one of the hen got lost..ahahah...
We paid for RM1500 for 3days 2nites stay at the 4bedrooms villa+pool, tickets to parks and breakfast..ok laa..kira berbaloi laa...walaupun the breakfast is not so tempting...

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