Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bila Baba cuti belajar - Part 2

Salam buat semua.....

Hot Air Balloon Festival - Putrajaya

Our journey started as early as 6am...kus semangat...giler excited! As Mama read to fren's wall at fb, better go early or stucked in jam and missed the balloons take off...Mama and Baba decided to perform our Fajr prayer at Sultan Mizan's Mosque or known as Masjid Besi at Putrajaya...Masya Allah! The mosques is so beautiful and serene...Mama loved the kolam besides masjid...sejukkkkkk sangat..

We managed to get our gajah putih parked nearby the take off spot and strolling along the way..really kecoh at first place coz hardly to manage the three-amused kids when they saw the hot air balloon live in front of them plus with lil Anees whom always wanted the stroller to move..And guess what...people getting more and merrier...ahaha..everyone with the dslr...Mama? Ofcoz we will not leave our mizz nikonita alone at home..petik sana..petik sini...and keep on strolling till the last balloon take off...then Baba decided to have a breakfast..our darling princess Balqees wanna have a roti canai..and Mama decided to fill our empty tummy at Pelita..ahahah...mcm x de tempat lain kan...ihihhihihi

Baba spent about RM20 at the fest..for what else..the helium balloon..Balqees and her stawberry short cake, Haarith with his Ben-10 and Aiman with The Spiderman...ihhihihi...


Shah Alam

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