Monday, May 30, 2011

When Baba is not around - part one

Salam buat semua...

Again, Mama took some times to jot down a few words here...the common reason but with a new phrase..Mama was DAMN busy! Hahahah...
Well, Baba in Sydney right now..the good reason for Mama to mumble..ahahah..good enough? Yes..coz Mama would like to share with readers out there as well as to Baba (as long as he can fix his tab with mr.internet) know what happen to Kids and Mama while our man is away..uhhuhuhuhu
First nite..Mama woke up every hour..sighhhh...teramat letih coz Haarith is still in potty train..afraid he will make the foam mattress into water bed, Mama tend to tell him to go to see mr.toilet and he was mad with Mama..hiihhi
"Mama nih! Haarith nak tdo!"
Mama can't stop to be soooo protective, and is that BAD? Ahahahah...Mama also can't stop to be soooo particular (the so called Miss Too Perfect) and resulted the flask, tumbler, diapers, formula dispenser and few of Aiman's bottles were placed beside the bedframe! Ahahah..FUNNY? That is Mama...but only when Mama is alone..ihihhiihihih
Alhamdulillah Mama managed to fasting..and another 11days to go...chaiyok chaiyok!! Managed to get 8oz from 3 pumping sessions without thinking that Mama is fasting..not that bad..normal days also like that :D
So..don't missed Mama's Mumble to know what happen to Kids and Mama the next day....adiosssss
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