Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bila Baba cuti belajar - Part 3

Salam buat semua...


Shah Alam Lake Cruise+Outdoor Photoshoot

A week after that, Cik Lie visited us..likewise, brought along his D90..apalagi..after having our breakfast @ Pelita, we went to tasik shah alam and posing2...Baba with D3000 & Cik Lie with his toys..share2 lens laa..the good thing when we have the same brand in one roof haa...

The photoshoot went well at first..started took away kids attention to cameras when the boat cruising nearby us...arrghhh..Mama baru nak pose gedik2 kat pokok2..ahahahah..
But as usual, Mama jugak yg gedik2 ajak Baba naik boat..RM5 per adult and no charges for kids below 5..luckily they didn't charged Balqees..(She's still 5 tho..ahahaha)..

Baba spent for RM50 for the cruise and the refreshments..ok laa...the most important thing enjoyed it! would Mama knows? They excitedly told Sitti how they get into the boat, how the boat cruising along the lake..till Mama has to tell them to stop talking and sleep..ahahahah

Jom...let see how Baba first photoshooting..ihihih...we need new lenses right? ihihihihih...Photos from Cik Lie's album lagi mengancam..Mama just edited the photos taken using photoscape...ihihihihi

Shah Alam

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