Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Aiman's Time!!

Salam u'ollssssss

Flapping thru Facebook's Timeline...saw this one :-

So, since Aiman is getting bigger (but still kecik)..approximately 4 years old this coming December Insya Allah...Mama rasa this is the perfect time to enroll him to a playschool.

The reason why?? Mama seriously wanna grab this 50% off for registration fees!! lagipun for mid year intake..June~Dec..so, good try for Aiman for his kindy next year, Insya Allah...

So, Mama told him about this and you know what...
"Mama belikan Aiman beg baru ke? Boleh tak beg Ultraman??"

Hahahaha...what else kids can understand about school other than ABC, 123 and SCHOOL BAGS rite?? hahaha..

Free Trial
So, Mama (and hopefully Baba too) will send Aiman to the playschool tomorrow, Wednesday @ 9am for trial class and sight seeing event..hahahha..mcm pi rehlah pulak..

New Time Table
This will definitely change! Mama's new time table will be changed to adapt with Aiman's send-and-pick up time...
But, the teacher there said..
"One of our teachers named JULI staying at section 27 too..you may ask for her help perhaps.."
Okies..sounds good..but kalau emergency ok laa...Mama would take in charge to send n pick p them...coz, that's the main reason why MAMA QUITS JOB!!  

Good Luck Aiman!!


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